Vet Portal Software

Connect your vets directly to your business

Keeping track of all the pets from all your vets is harder than juggling 100 bowling balls.  Our software allows vets to directly enter their pet's information streamlining all of that work for you.


Here's a video overview of the Vet Portal:

And here's a screen-by-screen description of the power of the software:

Collect all the necessary information about the pet owners with fields customized for your crematory.
Quickly and easily obtain all the necessary details about the pet with fields customized for your crematory.
The vet and pet owner can conviently view the packages that you offer and the items included in each package.  They'll pick the right package for the pet here.

After the pet owner leaves the vet office, they will recieve an email.  This email includes a link to the pet owner experience, where they can:

  • Review and learn more about the package they have purchased.
  • Enter their details for any personalized products.
  • Choose upgrades for the package.
  • View and select add-ons that are available for their pet.
  • Purchase the selected upgrades and add-ons in your crematory's store.
This email is sent a respectful amount of time after the vet visit.  That way the pet owner has some time to start their greiving process and give thought to how they want to memorialize their pet.


Personalizing the Purchased Package

Pet owners will be able to see the package they purchased along with the included products and services. 

They will also be able to personalize any products in the package that can be customized.

Personalizing Upgrades

Pet owners will be presented with all the potential upgrades to their package.  Only upgrades to the type and weight of their pet will be shown.

Any additional personalization required for their upgrade will be conveniently completed on the same page.




The pet owner will be presented with all the potential add-ons for their pet's aftercare.  Only add-ons for the type and weight of their pet will be shown.

Purchasing Upgrades and Add-ons

 Once the pet owner has selected their add-ons and upgrades, they'll be taken to your eCommerce site to check out.



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