We Know How to Sell Online

Our deep retail background combined with our technical prowess can accelerate your ecommerce efforts

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New Sites

Ready to go online with your products?  We can get you set up quickly with a store that will drive conversions.


Platform Migrations

Are you tired of that old site you set up in 2005? Let us migrate your site with no downtime or impact on your Google pagerank.


Site Optimization

Take your existing site to the new level with our configuration apps and workflow automation solutions.


You run a multi-channel business, so our knowledge extends across many platforms and solutions.  We are experts in all the leading eCommerce solutions including:

Template design and customization

Fully-responsive (mobile) sites

Custom apps

Front-end development

Back-end development


Quality Assurance Testing


This list is not exhaustive.  For help with your unique needs, contact us to get a free consultation with our eCommerce experts.

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Erik Moon

Decadent Minimalist

"I simply would not have been able to handle thousands of customized engraving requests without ProductGraph's Shopify integration."


Eric Montgomery


"I can say without a doubt that the improved browsing experience brought on by the site redesign and the “what you see is what you get” aspect of the configurators have been huge in our growth."


Angela Taylor

Etching Expressions

"ProductGraph was awesome to work with on our new e-commerce website.  They made every deadline and gave invaluable insights along the way"


Team Member Name

Sean Murray

"I am able to eliminate the time spent communicating with my Customers over engraving and the placement questions. Not only is ProductGraph's shopping integration user friendly but it allows my customers to customize their engraving the way they want it to look, allowing for a faster turnaround time and satisfactory customer service."

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Bullets 2 Bandages

Migrated all products and reviews from Big Commerce to Shopify.  Implemented our Product Configurators for all personalized products.





Ballet Gift Shop

Migrated over 1800 products from proprietary platform to Shopify with no loss of search traffic.


Decadent Minimalist

Built a custom app for their Kickstarter backers to configure their rewards inside their existing Shopify store.  Resulted in all Kickstarter backers having Shopify accounts.


Wild Wood Vermont

Built a new Shopify from scratch using our Product Configurator for personalization.



Image Wine Cellar

Created a new store from scratch in Shopify.  Hundreds of products that are all personalizable through our Product Configurator.



We have multiple pricing models to meet your project needs.

For most projects, we do a fixed-price model.  That way, you know what to expect.

For very complex projects or projects with a large number of unknowns, we do hourly billing.

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